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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Escape From The Bay!

Well, we did it.
We escaped from La Cruz.
We escaped from Banderas Bay.
We escaped from Marina Riveria Nayarit.
Escaping from the marina was the easy part.
Since they charge everyone different rates, it was easy to leave.
They pissed me off.
Let's see, they charged one friend 40 cents a foot, charged two others 50 cents a foot, charged another 58 cents, us 65 cents, another friend 68 cents and one last friend 72 cents.
At least we were sort of in the middle.
Kind of.
Needless to say there are a few pissed off cruisers.
My plan is to do a whole huge post typing the words Marina Riveria Nayarit about a gazillion times and type how they can't seem to charge everyone the same rate and then hope people do google searches and are fairwarned.
Marina Riveria Nayarit (skip it)!
Marina Riveria Nayarit (anchor out)!
Marina Riveria Nayarit (plays favorites)!
Marina Riveria Nayarit (sucks)!
Marina Riveria Nayarit charges everyone different rates!!!!
Oh nevermind - the marina and their lousy management aren't worth it.

So out of the bay and north!
No whales this time, just a few turtles and lots of rays.
We are anchored in the beautiful, green, lush bay of Chacala.
Where the water is warm again.
Where the water is clean.
Where we can swim at 7 pm.
Where Debby and I boogie boarded yesterday afternoon.
Oh yeah ~ this is where we are supposed to be!


Ray and Lucy said...

Sounds like you guys escaped none too soon. Things are certainly not like they used to be and certainly more expensive. You are so right, Chacala is much better. Enjoy!!

judith said...

Just blab about the lousy marina on the radio.

The Boatbumms said...

Hi you guys, great to see you out there again. Found your comment on our Blogg, I just need to find your email address now. Hugs and kisses from the Boatbumms