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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Night at Carnaval Carnival in Barra

Carnaval is celebrated in several towns in Mexico, with Mazatlan really celebrating!
Parades, music, more parades, beads and more parades.
Not that we have ever been in Mazatlan during Carnaval.
We did a couple nights of celebrating in Barra de Navidad.
First, we met up with Deb and Joe of "Pacific Jade" by accident luck.
Then towards center of town to listen to a little bit of music and see the youngens all dressed up in their princess clothing.

Then on over to the fun area...
This was more like a kiddie carnival.
No, it was a carnival.

Lots of games.

Mechanical bull ~ kiddie size.

Rides ~ kiddie size.

Oh, but wait!
An adult mechanical bull ride!
Sounded good to Joe and was entertaining to us.
And very entertaining to all the Mexican teenage boys watching!

Scary things...

Toys and games and stuff.

Joe treated two little local boys to airgun shooting!

The boys found some beer.This boy found a place to sleep.


judith said...

So glad you guys are a good influence on the children. Nice sombrero too.

Joe should have ridden the Mexican way with two hands. I love the Mechanical Bull! I once won the title of Best Girl Rider in Odessa. Only because we owned the only Mech. Bull in Odessa and I got plenty of practice.

Suzie said...

Did Jomomma say - Odessa??? I grew up in Big Spring! Oh, my goodness!

And Barra! wow, what fun Love the pictures. I did St Pat's in Melaque in about 94 and it is still one of my best ever Mexico memories. Can you stay for it? It is the BEST!

judith said...

Aaaggghhh Big Spring!? We've probably been at the Howard Co. Rodeo together! Or the Stampede!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

How is that beer ever going to fit belowsdecks? Or will it be your new dingy?

Jorie said...

Charlie and Jorie

The SHALS said...

We are in a totally different world up here. We would like nothing more than to be sitting on the beach with our tan toes in the sand celebrating our birthdays together. Thank you for blessing us with our winter escape with you. You MADE IT HAPPEN for us and we are grateful. Happy Birthday, dear Heather. We love you. The SHALS

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Jomamma you had your own mechanical bull? Whoa...

Thanks for the birthday wishes - we whooped it up on the outer beach in Tenacatita with Chris, Lorry and John and Debby of "Lovely Reta". Deb and I boogie boarded our brains out!!!

Pics and post to follow when we get more internet ;)