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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sierra Nevadas and Baja Brewing Company! Beers All Around...

Well the boys men were happy to share a few Sierra Nevadas in Los Frailes!They were also happy to see who could stick their stomach out the farthest...

But Jim was REALLY happy to go to The Baja Brewing Company in San Jose del Cabo!Except that his glass got empty so fast...

We, along with Chris & Sara from "Vela" and Wayne, Carol & Eric from "Capricorn Cat" all piled in a taxi van last night for our big night on the town in San Jose.
Dinner at Baja Brewing.A few good beers.
A walk around town.

And back to the boats to rinse off on the transom ~ hot and sticky here!

This afternoon we will be headed over to Cabo San Pucas Lucas and will anchor out.
Then wait.
The more I wait, the more nervous about this whole thing I get.
At least the first leg is the worst.
I think our little group is up to 6 boats now.
Wayne decided that since "Meerkat" left Los Frailes first, we would name ourselves after a group of meerkats.
A pod?
A flock?
A gaggle?

So I looked it up and they can be called a "mob", "gang" or "clan".
Sounds a little mafiosa to me.
Uh not in this lifetime.
Well yeah!
Considering Eric wears a kilt, half of us are Irish and I was born in Scotland.
So here goes the Clan.
Let's get this first leg over asap!


judith said...

First of all, the hairy one wins the belly contest.

Be sure to take some pictures during the 1st leg, I want to see action at high sea.

Travis and Maggie said...

What's your favorite tack? I started sailing (sailfish!) and now I must know!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hey Jomamma, that hairy one is my husband! He just didn't follow the instructions to "suck it in now", like Tim and Stan did...

Ha ha!

Tack? My favorite tack is MOTORS ON FULL SPEED AHEAD!!! More ha ha! Whatever is smoothest I guess - will let you know in a few days ;)

judith said...

I thought you said they were having a contest... he clearly has a lot of upper muscular control to perform such a strenuous posture for that sustained amount of time to capture this pose. Well done. He's clearly the catch and well deserving of any liquid rewards for his efforts. Tell him to keep up the good work, the physical training he's been partaking in for the last few years is evident. (no offense to being referred to as 'the hair one' you are traveling north in coming days.)