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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween History!

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays!
I love to create a costume ~ I always make them or put them together.
Can't deal with the store bought things.
They are just not creative to me.
I usually have a story to tell in my costume as well.
I do buy the headband things though ~ I have a whole collection of them and wear them at every opportunity I have!
Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, a birthday, a Friday, lunch, whenever...

Three of my closest friends have birthdays the same week as Halloween, so we wear the headbands, rotten teeth, masks and whatever else I come up with on their birthdays too!
This is celebrating Dave's 50th birthday a few years back at Disneyland.
And the Halloween week birthday people are (except me, but they allowed me to go along, because I am the one that buys all this crap):
Jim (Shrek), me (black widow), Daveyboy (devil) and Cherryl (angel - what else?)Shrek and the Black Widow (we wore these for two full days at Disneyland)Cherryl and meOne year I was a Titanic Survivor (kind of fitting, being that I lived on a boat)...

Complete with dried seaweed in my hair and hanging from my ripped up dress...

Then we had Cherryl's 50th Birthday Bash and out came the black widow headband and shrek ears once again.
Me, Jim and Marvin (who had tried on about 100 hats, ears and headbands by this time).Jim and Dave in fine form.Ooookaaaayyyyyy...
There is a really, really long story that explains exactly why I am dressed up as a big, fat pig.
Something about me holding Pinky the pig ransom.
By the way Dan ~ you still owe me $52,798,854.27 So seeing that I had not received my ransom payment by the next Halloween, I dressed up as Dan.
Who had recently had eye surgery and also had fallen and broken his foot.
Can you tell which one is me and which one is Dan?I'm getting pretty good at sewing fat suits!

Then another Cherryl birthday celebration ~ wine tasting!
Cherryl, Me and Nancy.Kind of hard to taste wine with masks on, but Jim and I managed alright!Mary, me and Cherryl heading to Santa Cruz Island for the Island Packers employee goof off trip.Wait!
That wasn't Halloween!
How'd that picture get in there?
Oh yeah, I will wear something Halloweeny or goofy for any function...

So Happy Halloween all!


Jolea said...

HOLY SHIT YOU ARE A RIOT!!! I LOVE the Titanic survivor!!! You rock! I can't wait to visit y'all! Oh... did I mention I am visiting someday? :)

Margarita Mirasol said...

Ha ha ha ha. Too funny. Love the Titanic survivor. Classic!

Meghan said...

The market next to my work -- Cecil's Market -- carries TONS of the crazy fun glasses, like the ones that you were wearing in the last picture.

Jennifer said...

Happy Halloween!!! I remember the pig costume!!! I spent so much time on Jeremy's costume this year that I forgot about myself. SO I bought some devil ears and a tail. Next year I will come up with something great for myself.

Ray and Lucy said...

Oh Heather, that montage really reminded me how much I really miss you. I love how goofy you are. You are still doing the randsom thing, huh!!
Happy Holloween!!!!!!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Oh that is right Lucy! I gave you your dog back. Where is my money? Wasn't it a couple gazillion dollars? Plus interest? Oh Yipee! ;)

Duder said...

You weren't kidding about the fat pig suit, were you! That's great!