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Monday, March 16, 2009

Chamela to Cabo Corrientes and into Banderas Bay

Cabo Corrientes is known as "The Point Conception of Mexico", and for good reason.
It is sloppy, lumpy and bumpy.
The seas and swells come from different directions.
The wind picks up and gusts send salt spray across the deck and cabin top.
For those of you in houses imagine picking up your house and putting it inside one of those snow globe things.
Only in place of the snow, picture salt water.
Now shake it really well and continue shaking it for about six or eight hours.
And you are inside the house wondering what you forgot to stow properly or what is going to fall over.
Yes, even in a catamaran.
Shake, shake, shake some more and listen to how loud it is.
Water slamming the hulls, water hitting the underside of the bridgedeck, water coming through the nets up forward tossing the kayaks up into the air.
The kayaks of course have to come back down to the nets, as they are tied to them, but the sterns of the kayaks continually slam into the deck where it meets the net.
Shake, slam, bang, fun, fun, fun.
And we are so happy to see the Corrientes light house slowly pass along our starboard side.
And really happy when it is astern of us.
And really, really happy as the seas, swells, slop and wind mellow out as we enter the bay.
And even more happy when we cross over to the North side of the bay and anchor in La Cruz.
Twelve hours of shaking, slamming and banging.
Glad it is O V E R !


judith said...

Do ya'll motor through this or sail?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We be a power boat now.

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Sorry you got beat up, but glad you are safe. Hope you are enjoying a nice, cold beverage to celebrate the passage!

Suzie said...

If you haven't had a bad time around Cabo Corrientes - it just hasn't been your turn! Sort of like going aground on the east coast!

Glad you are enjoying La Cruz and PV! Loved the pictures even though I never heard of a mango margarita!