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Friday, March 6, 2009

Crocs No, Not The Shoes in La Manzanilla!

We had always heard La Manzanilla had a lot of crocodiles.
Well it is true!
Really, really true.
And just separated from us, babies and small dogs by a tilting, leaning over delapadated chainlink fence.
Yep, that ought to hold 'em back!And apparently the Mexicans are used to them.So Chris pretended he was used to them.They do have warning signs.But that did not stop two Mexican men and a Mexican child from tossing pebbles at this big guy.

Jim was terrified.
When I told him to look terrified for the photo...

This guy was huge.
Creepy and huge.
Prehistoric looking, creepy and huge.
Prehistoric looking, creepy and huge with big teeth.
Really, really big teeth.Lots of crocodiles with lots of big teeth.
Really, really big teeth.
All posing for us.


judith said...

lol at Jim... he's got the perfect look to go along with the sign behind him.. MUY Peligro!

Ray and Lucy said...

Haven't we taught you anything with alligator stories from the bayou!!! I'm glad those guys weren't hungry because they are lightning fast. Put this activity on your "OMG what was I thinking" list!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yeah well, Jim and I are slightly bigger than Fritz was...
The pics make it look like we were a lot closer than we were too!
And there was a fence between all of them except the big boy.