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Friday, June 20, 2008

Awesome G Dock

So after my "landing adventure" then I had my "wait for the shuttle van adventure", then the "stuck in traffic on Pacific Coast Highway adventure", and then the "oh boy we will be an hour late getting in to Ventura adventure" while my husband was having his very own "sit in the parking lot for an hour where the hell is the shuttle van adventure".

But it was all worth it when I walked down G dock to find all the wonderful friends and neighbors out on the dock with a full-on welcoming dock party for me~~~
Complete with food, drinks, chairs, tables and more hugs than I thought possible - it was wonderful!

It was great to catch up with everyone, eat, have wine, say hello, eat, talk about our trip down, drink wine, give Stan his jalapeno chips, drink wine, sit, tell my plane landing adventure twelve times, eat, have more wine, talk about La Paz, eat, talk about the old days, drink wine and hear about who has moved in to what slip and then go to bed.

Thank you all ~ hope I don't forget anyone: Walt, Virginia, Linda, Wally, Bob, Nancy, Marvin, Stan, Jeannine, Kathy, Suzie, Tom, Larry, Judy, Ed, Other Judy, Don, Jim C., Little Lovely Lucy Lowe, Brian, John Howard, Angel and Oso ~ can't forget the dogs ~ yikes, who am I forgetting ~ pretty darn good turn out for a Thursday night! Let me know if I forgot you...

And thanks to Bob and Nancy for inviting us to be your guests ~ G dock is still the best! We love you all...

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