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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clean Boat

Well at least until the afternoon wind comes up...

I took the sunshade down and of course half way through the wind started blowing.
Sunshade all over the deck...
Then washed the boat.
It is so dusty here and there is always (90% of the time) some breeze, so by the time I was rinsing the stern, the bow was dirty again.

This is the first time in over three years the whole enclosure is off the boat.It looks so strange to me!
Hopefully my party lights in the cockpit will be ok for the few weeks I am gone...

Sunshade down, folded and stowed, boat washed, a load of laundry in and a shower all by 10:30 am.
Wow - all of the rest of the day to pack (and read) and clean out the refrigerator.


Margarita Mirasol said...

I loved 'boat time'. When you'd have go soooooooooooo much done by the time the rest of the world had woken up.
My life this year is a former shadow of all that I've experienced this past two years and I'm still not convinced that having an extra 30K in the cruising kitty is going to have made this year of sacrifice worth it afterall but that's how I feel now half way ish through the nightmare; once I'm on the downward and outward leg, I'm sure that my mood will change.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

It's a never ending battle; cleaning the boat.

When they put in the coal dock in Seward yonks ago the start of every weekend was spent hosing down and cleaning the decks of all the coal dust, blech.