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Friday, June 27, 2008

Tropical Storm Boris

Love these names they come up with...
They probably picked the name "Boris" because they figured it would put fear into my little brain.
Just the name "Boris" gives me the creeps.
It wouldn't matter what the name was for.
It could be for a fine red wine and I would be afraid of it.
Or even chocolate.
Still would be afraid of it.

The second tropical named "storm / depression" of the season is here.Boris follows along after two "invests".
Invest 94 and Invest 95.
Invest... does that mean it is something to investigate?
Sounds like they are starting to stack up down there.For those of you who are "Mexico Geography Challenged", La Paz is on the Baja Peninsula the long piece of land sticking out South from San Diego about 90% of the way down.
It is on the Eastern side the side closest to the big part of Mexico on that large bay pretty much above the "O" in Boris.

But this time, no worries as the storm is so far South of us.

Since we are 1200 miles away from our boat, we check the weather every day, not that there would be anything we could do about it...
Actually we check the weather every day no matter where we are.
People on boats do that.


Margarita Mirasol said...

Yeah, me too. I'm a daily tropical storm watch trooper.
Hallso, I've always found the name Boris to be one with a tinge of fright to it. I think it's because it sounds Russian and Russians used to be scary people. Still are, actually, if my Russian friend is anything to go by.

Suzie said...

Yep, Heather, you are right. Boat people LOVE weather! We still are adamant about it and watch for hurricanes on the Atlantic now! Wow, what a change. In a house on the Atlantic vs on a boat in the Pacific!