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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Music on The Malecon

After being depressed about missing Alejandra's party (which we heard did go until 3:00 am and everyone had a great time) we made another deposit into The Karma Bank by pulling a man out of the water and on to the dock, after he failed to successfully complete the departure of a small sailing dinghy and arrival on the dock himself. That was two deposits on one weekend. Should take us through the next few days...

With the clouds we get beautiful sunsets over The Mogote.

So a walk down The Malecon was in order!

Plus at the plaza there was a book fair and artistic festival.
We listened to (and watched!) this group play the drums, dance with fire and even walk on stilts.

It's a little over a mile each way to the plaza, so at least we are getting some exercise in this heat!

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Suzie said...

And I bet all that great entertainment was for free! I love Mexico!

Thanks, Heather, for rating my pictures! I really appreciate the time that took. And you are the picture guru! I love your pictures so much. You are the best!