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Sunday, June 8, 2008

While Jim is Away...

No, I do not "play"...

I started some sewing projects, one being individual sun shades for all the hatches.
These will be velcro'ed up in place of the bug screens while I am in California to help (hopefully) keep the boat cooler mainly so I don't lose my wine stash and when we have the boat closed up and the air conditioner on.I had to get creative by sewing Sunbrella scraps together for them, as I didn't have any large pieces of material.
The ones going in the main salon are quite creative as well...
Using extra towels!

Another project took up a half hour or so this morning.
Jim had home roasted a batch of coffee beans.
You can almost smell them, can't you?For the last few days, I didn't have much trust in the Ziploc bag they were in.
But did I change the bag or place a second bag around the original faulty, piece of crap bag?
So this morning when I picked the bag up, half the beans spilled out into the cupboard.
So I spent the next half hour picking them up and then mixing them all together, so each cup of coffee would have a little of whatever was in the bottom of the cupboard in it.
What fun!

I also eat "Non-Irish" (even though I am Irish).
Meaning no "meat and potatoes"!
The awesome bakery several blocks away provides the bread.
I provide the veggies!
My favorite is mayo, cream cheese, avocado and cucumber.
I do experiment with red bell peppers, tomatoes, red onion - whatever is on sale and looks good!Pasta salads with all these vegetables work too...

On a non-healthy note, I am working my way through our last box of Cheese Itz by myself!

Found some chick flicks in the book exchange and am enjoying those.

And today, I got to talk to and see the entire family on skype as they were doing a Father's Day Brunch together!
I tried to get them all in front of the camera at the same time, but then just settled on Jim!You try getting 20 people to stand together for a minute at one of my family gatherings...
Not going to happen!

Oh, I'm going to scrub the floor and heads while he is gone too, but not til I watch the rest of the chick flicks hope I can find a bunch more movies then I can always use that excuse...

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