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Monday, June 9, 2008

Sidewalk Hazards #1

In Mexico you must always be looking down and looking up at the same time.
Sidewalk hazards are numerous...
Holes in the sidewalk.
Air conditioners at forehead level.
Loose cement chunks.
Low tree branches.
Fourteen inch steps.
Signs that are at eyebrow level.
Planters in the middle of the sidewalk (the main sidewalk was the lower one).Trees in the middle of the sidewalk.It is a lesson in taking some responsibility for yourself...
However with my insurance background, it is quite hard to not let it bother me!


Suzie said...

That's part of what we loved about Mexico. It's your own stupid fault if you fall in that hole! You should watch where you are walking!

Renee said...

haha, Mexican sidewalks are way different from French ones, everything is perfectly, asymetrically manicured! The only thing you really have to watch out for is dog poop. Did you know that every year 1500 people go to the hospital in France for injuries caused by slipping in dog poop on the sidewalks?!?