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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Books - a huge part of living here (or cruising, which we aren't doing at the moment)...

There is a wonderful book exchange here in the marina, that I go wander into every day and sometimes twice or three times a day.
The turnover is amazing - new books every day!

Found this one yesterday and finished it this afternoon.Any travel books with humor interest me.
This writer went around the world by herself pretty much without the use of planes.
The book covers her trip from South Africa to departing Sudan and crossing into Egypt.
She has a webpage of her trip: www.MariesWorldTour.com (of course the trip was completed a few years back ~ sure wish I could have followed the website as she was doing this).

This is the second book I have recently read about Africa.
The other one had it's own type of humor...
I think it was humor.
It was actually pretty insane.
True story of a girl growing up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Malawi and Zambia in the late 60's and early 70's.
All five of us who sailed motored "Meerkat" down Baja read this book on the way down.Made us all appreciate our own childhoods...

Both really worth reading!

Also found some nutso Florida novels (but we may have already read these two...)Remember, Jim is gone, so I'm not doing much down here by myself!

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Margarita Mirasol said...

I read so much when I was on the boat in SC. Loved picking up and swapping books at various places on the cruiser circuit in town. Have hundreds of good books on my boat for future moments in bays. Not that we get much freetime on boats when all said and done!