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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 21 - Happy Birthday Early to Mom!

Since I will be there instead of here on Saturday, here is an early
Found some old cool pics of her!

With my brother (the one who has me thinking mayonnaise is made in the Philippines)and he looks nothing like that now... except maybe the drool and the belly, oh any maybe the spaced off look into "space"
Just kidding Gary - you know you are my favorite only brother!

When we lived in Scotland and she was interviewed for a newspaper article "Hot Babe Living Overseas with Kids" or some such thing she will deny this was the title of the article and I'm sure she is correct, but that is what my Dad would have titled it.Driving her toys - our boat in Maryland and her 1964 Corvette!

And while I am on the subject of MOM... Mom and Dad's anniversary is June 23.
If he was still alive they would have been celebrating 57 years... Yikes.
That is a looooonnnnggg time!
They made it to just under 55 years, so that is pretty damn good!

Especially with five kids...
The reason they made it so long was they made a deal early on:
Whoever left had to take the kids.


Renee said...

gah, Grandma is such a babe!

LOVE these pics!

Happy early birthday Grandma!!

Elizabeth said...

haha-whoever left had to take the kids! guess it worked!