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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Birthday Chumbo!

Today is (was) my Dad's birthday.
It is also Chumbo's birthday.
Chumbo is our friend Ricardo's son (his real name is Juan Francisco and if you ask him his name, he will say "Juan Francisco", not just "Juan").
Chumbo is 8 today.
My Dad would have been at an age where he wouldn't remember his age or admit to it, so we will pass on saying how old he would have been.
I did find some fun pictures of my Dad, but unfortunately have none of Chumbo.
Maybe next year Chumbo...
Did they let kids fly planes at the age of 12?

I always liked this one of the two of us.And the one of him totally exhausted after marrying me off to Jim.I miss him dearly!
And hope he would be happy with what Jim and I are doing with our lives.
La Paz and Baja were a couple of his favorite places and he always wanted to come here "one more time".
Some of his ashes are in the bay here, and some are in a little vial on the boat, so HE IS HERE!
Now I have to find some fun pictures of my Mom, because her birthday is next week on June 21st, BUT I will be back in Ventura then, so will have to give her an "early birthday post"!
Am flying to LAX on Thursday, 06-19-08 so see some of you then!


Suzie said...

Heather - I didn't ever get to know your father (although I think I was introduced way back when) but I think he would have absolutely loved the life you have chosen. You were his adventure child!

And Kirby just said that he envies you - so do I. It was hard to give up the adventuring!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! I love you and miss you lots every day!!