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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Third Time is The Charm...

When landing at LAX apparently...
Just as the view of the swimming pools below was getting really good, where I could tell what kind of floaty toy the kid in the pool was floating on, the view changed. The pools got farther away, I could no longer see anyone floating and then the runway was behind us.
Hmmmm... not good.
Then we were out over the ocean and I could see seagulls diving and the splashes they were making.
Hmmmm... really not good.
The pilot came on the intercom and said due to "wind shear" we had to abort the landing attempt and that we would circle around and make another attempt.
Some of the clowns that I had watched snorkling the beers in the La Paz Airport got all excited and thought we were heading back to La Paz...
Stupid clowns.
So we circle around and I am looking at the same views of the same swimming pools and there is that kid cooling off again and "oh boy, here comes the runway" again, and the shudder of landing gear, hey what is this shudder shit and then there goes the runway behind us again.
Now it's really, really not good.
We are out over the water again, too low for my comfort and we circle in the other direction.
Ok, how many times are we going to do this?
So the pilot announces again there is a wind shear problem on the South runways and that we will circle around again and make an attempt on the North runway.
Ok, but what was that major shudder when lowering the landing gear?
Then the cockpit door opens (oh crap) and Mr. Pilot or Mr. Co-Pilot walks down the aisle (looking a little haggard I might add) and heads to the head - toilet for you non-boaters.
So, I'm thinking at about this point that maybe one of the landing gear is not functioning properly and he has gone back there to hand crank it down.
Do they even have hand cranks on these things?
And I am thinking are we going to be that plane on the nightly news that circles around for hours and hours without it's nose gear / front wheel down and they show the landing on live TV?
Oh please NO.
Not today - maybe some other time.
And I'm thinking hey my dad was a pilot, I can't die in a plane crash and I have never, ever been afraid while flying before.
Why now? Can't die.
And then I'm thinking of all the people that were in the planes on September 11th.
What must have gone through their minds...
And I'm starting to hyperventilate because I am trying to take nice calming yoga breaths.
Not working.
So there are those stupid swimming pools out the window again, only this time I am further North of them and I don't want to see them again today.
And here comes the runway OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE, because by this time my arms are numb and I'm really beginning to think there is a major problem and we are going to just keep doing this over and over and over.
And. Over.
The runway is getting closer and closer, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE...
OH YIPEE we are finally touching down and I am not going to die in a plane crash today.
So then I am thinking oh this is good, but I still can't feel my arms.
It took me a few hours to get myself together after that little 40 minute mis-adventure...
And it took the help of Jim and all of our wonderful friends on G Dock...
And a little wine too of course...
Did I tell you were are driving back to La Paz?

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