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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Girls' Night IN

Nancy had a "Girls' Night In" planned on her boat for last night.
With loads of snacks no balanced meal for us for dinner.
And several wonderful bottles of wine.
And a chick flick.
Virginia, Cherryl, Pam, Nancy and me.
We wouldn't even let the dog inside the boat, as he is him.

Do you want to know what the longest topic of conversation was?
Mascara, lipstick and new nail polish colors...
NO ~ Biodiesel.
Biodiesel and how we could make it.
Biodiesel and how we could get the drums, the used cooking oil and make it.
Biodiesel and how we could make it and have the Island Packers boats run on it.
Biodiesel and how caustic it would be on our clothes.
At least we didn't talk about rigging, anchors and sailtrim...
But I guess that does mean we are true "boatwomen".
I think our husbands are quite lucky...

Sorry, no pics yet as I didn't bring the cable for my camera.
But it was sort of like this...Except for the sixth lady...

1 comment:

Margarita Mirasol said...

Hahahahahhaahahahhahaha! That is toooooooooooooooooo funny. I'm always talking about biodiesel, too.
I miss the boating life. Just being around yachties.
I'll be back.
I will, I will, I will.