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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mexico Freezes Prices on 150 Foods for 6 Months

Found this on the internet today:

"Mexico freezes prices on 150 foods for 6 months By ALEXANDRA OLSON, Associated Press Writer

MEXICO CITY - Food manufacturers promised Mexico's government to freeze prices on more than 150 food products Wednesday to help families cope with rising costs.

President Felipe Calderon announced that prices for goods such as cooking oil, flour, canned tuna, fruit juices, coffee, ketchup and canned tomatoes will remain fixed until Dec. 31.

"This is a measure that will positively and directly benefit the finances of millions of Mexicans," said Calderon, flanked by representatives of Mexico's business chambers. "This reflects the commitment of Mexican businessmen to the country and to price stability."

The Mexican leader has blamed high food costs on rising global energy prices, soaring food demand in China and India and the use of corn for ethanol production.

Food prices, especially rice, have reached historic highs almost everywhere in the world.

Calderon, a conservative elected in 2006, has already taken several steps to fight high prices. He eliminated import barriers on wheat, corn and rice in May, won an agreement from rice farmers to sell their crop at 10 percent below international market prices and last year imposed price caps on tortillas, Mexico's staple food.

He also announced small monthly cash subsidies to 26 million poor Mexicans, about a quarter of the population. The cash payments of about 120 pesos (US$11.6) a month are expected to cost about US$433 million.

Mexico's central bank said annual inflation rose to 4.95 percent in May, the fastest pace in more than three years, led by the swelling costs of food oils, rice, wheat products and corn tortillas. The country's daily minimum wage is about 50 pesos ($4.80)."

I can see us now ~ living on canned tuna and ketchup tacos.
With a side of canned tomatoes.
And drinking fruit juice.
I wonder what the other 144 products are...
Beer possibly? Wine hopefully?


Margarita Mirasol said...

It always surprised me to find that food prices in Mexico were so high. I don't know how the locals were able to make their paltry wages go so far when basic staples were so pricey. I found myself waiting for the weekly markets because a bag of toms or a bag of carrots etc could be bought for a buck a pop, whereas in the supermarkets perishibles like onions, potatoes, tomatoes were all being sold for more than I could buy them for in Japan.
Clothes were expensive too which is why I'd wait for the markets where I could by something for a buck.
Having been told that most folks get paid no more than between 10 or 20 bucks a day, I often wondered just how they managed to have money left over for pleasure purchases. Moreover, they all seem to have a heap of children from an early age. But the smiles, my oh my, I've never been in a country where the atmosphere is so upbeat and positive. Viva Mexico!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

The prices have really gone up since we cruised in 1997-2000. And on Baja I think they are higher as so much has to be trucked or ferried in.
Clothes? I go to thrift stores back in the US (can't wait!).
I too, have always been amazed that the locals can afford to eat. I remember seeing them in Sam's Club 8-9 years ago buying cartloads. But they would give you the shirt off their back...