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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Cause of It All!

"Capricorn Cat" ~ our first real "catamaran exposure" eight, nine and ten years ago!
This boat used to be owned by a wonderful couple, Blair and Joanie (they have since sold the boat).
In Zihautanejo, they would take groups of cruisers out for a daysail and snorkle trip.
We got to go!
We also did some "Wet Wednesday" races and Jim raced in the Banderas Bay Regatta one year on this cat.
Blair was kind enough to "lend" his Multihull magazines to Jim, with me protesting as I knew a monster was being created.
After the monster was fully created, we took "Thistle" back to Alta California and Jim the monster researched and searched for a catamaran.
Four years of searching brought us to "Meerkat".
The monster was happy.
So this boat started it all!
Thanks to Blair and Joanie for sharing their boat, magazines and knowledge!We love this boat!

P.S. "Capricorn Cat" is fine ~ just being moved into her summer slip by the awesome marina staff!

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