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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 2 ~ Guerrero Negro to Valle de Guadalupe or "Is This a Boxspring?"

Up early after a nice sleep with the whales.
We always bring our coffee "gear" with us, water heater, coffee beans, grinder, our cups and a stainless steel french press.
So I can have the coffee ready early, shower pretty much at the same time and be on the road right after sunrise.

Crossed the border from Baja California Sur to Baja California.
Waved to the Bay of LA turnoff wait, didn't we just do this 7 weeks ago?
The desert got less green as we got further North.
And through the beautiful boulder fields around Catavina.Just love those pics through a dirty windshield!

Lots and lots of road construction and widening.
The methods sometimes are quite interesting.We also saw a lot of brush clearing right along the road.
Five guys and four machetes.
We just couldn't figure out how they selected the area to clear the brush.
Basically, why on this blind curve with rocks falling down the cliffs of all places?
Oh yeah, we are in Mexico.

A late breakfast at Mama Espinosa's (more like lunch).
Bad timing on this.
The place was packed with locals, so it took an hour.

Past San Quintin, Colonet, Santo Tomas and Ensenada.
Took the "Tecate" road to the Valle de Guadalupe, where Baja has it's Ruta de Vino.
Wineries and wine tasting.
To the lovely Posada Inn.The Inn is also a day "party" place, where people come to rent pool time and BBQ in the shade.
Luckily there weren't 270 screaming local children in the two pools, just us.
The odd thing about the place is the restaurant closes at 6 pm.
So, unload our stuff and quickly try the internet (remember we have to watch for tropical weather!)The internet didn't quite work, so the girl in the office let me check on her computer ~ all good.
OK to keep driving.

And head to the restaurant.The owner has a small vineyard and makes two wines.
Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
They give you free tastings in the restaurant.
Quite nice pours too... a half a glass instead of a teardrop.
And amazingly enough ~ both wines were really, really good!
Good enough for us to purchase them.
Along with their olive oil and wine honey.

Dinner was excellent!
Probably the best meal we have had in Mexico.
Jim had the most tender aracherra and I had chicken stuffed with cream cheese and poblano chiles, with an incredible poblano chile sauce and a baked potato!
We finished off by sharing flan with the wine honey drizzled on top.
Jim wanted to move in.
The owner came over and introduced himself ~ Joaquin.
Told us a little of the history of the place and poured us more Cabernet.

Explored the grounds.
Found goats, two pools, jacuzzi, peacocks, a friendly dog and more.

The security guard offered to turn the jacuzzi on for us.
Oh yea! Soak in some water for a bit!
Perfect temp too ~ not hot, more like a bit over lukewarm.

Time for bed.
And now for the post title:
"Is This a Boxspring?"
Yes, our "mattress" was actually a boxspring.
And the places closes down at 6 pm.
No one around.
No one in any of the other rooms.
No one in the office.
No idea where Joaquin lives.
Oh crap.
Ok, I guess we are sleeping laying down all night on a boxspring.

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