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Monday, September 29, 2008

El Candelero to No Name Cove #7

Up, coffee, dishes, books, gnats, watched the sun come over the hills and through the clouds.
More gnats.
More books.

Dinghied over to the center rock to go snorkling, but we both had leaky masks...
Hmmmmm... Must have grabbed ones that Stan and Tim left instead of our usual ones.
So held the masks to our faces and enjoyed the loads of fish in the perfectly clear water!

Back to the boat for brunch of leftovers.
Then motored over to the next cove North.
The one with no name.
No Name Cove #7.Where hardly anyone ever anchors (except for us)!
Over the side and into the water immediately!
Then snorkled over to the South wall and all along the cliff.
With different masks this time...
Load of fish!
All kinds!
Including three small jellyfish that we avoided.

Back to the boat to swim and float some more.
Only this time without clothes!
Hey, no people around...
No pics of that though no need to make you all sick.

Dinghied to the small beach and around the cove.

This is the
view from my
daily floats.

Either the stern or under the boat.

Back to the boat to watch a line of debris float through the anchorage.
We figured it must have been run-off from a thunderstorm over on mainland Baja the evening before.
The debris brought lots of little black fish and striped fish that would hang out under our stern.
And hang out with us when we were in the water.
They would circle us and stay within an inch or two of us.
Jim was able to pick a couple of them up.
They were our buddies for the day.They were all about 1/2 inch long and using us to hide from a couple of pompano that wanted to eat them.
We watched the pompano watch the buddies.
We thought of catching the pompano, cutting it up and feeding it to the buddies.
Eventually some of the buddies got together and started swimming for the rocks.
We wished them luck.
But a lot of them were still with us the next morning.

Jim went fishing in the dinghy ~ for bigger fish than our buddies.
I stayed behind, made bleu cheese and BBQ sauce meatballs for dinner, read and floated.
Enjoyed the meatballs with red beans & rice and fresh pineapple!

Watched the thunderheads form again and enjoyed the sunset!Then went for a twilight swim!
No clothes!
No people!
Felt great!
Fresh water rinse, which also felt great.

Tried to sleep in the nets up forward, but the wind come up around 11 pm and blew us out of them.
Me to our bunk with my face 1" from the fan and Jim sweated slept in the cockpit.
Hot and sticky and even a little rolly from the leftover wind slop, but still a nice night!


Suzie said...

Oh, Heather, what wonderful pictures! I am so glad that you share them. I can almost feel that I am there with you. You know, I never got to do the sea, so we talk about someday........

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Well, get on a plane and come on over! It's sitting here waiting for you. Remember "Meerkat Motel" has a guest bunk for you...