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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Hmmmmmm... didn't I just do this post, oh say about a year ago?
Happy Birthday to our nephew, Joseph who we never, ever see and never, ever hear from, but that's ok because we are still proud of him.
He is the only person I know that decided what he wanted to do when he was three years old, and he is now doing it.
He is a train engineer!
Driving big million dollar engines with trains full of cargo behind them.

This year I will post some more grown up pics of him, except this goofy one of him in the pool...High school graduation pic.Amazing we have so much red hair...
Donna's daughter, Meghan with the mane of red hair.
Geelizzie's son also with red hair.

And the most recent picture I have of him ~ from over two years ago!He's not overly happy in this one because we were on our way out to scatter ashes of his grandpa (my dad)...

Ha ha ha!
I just swiped this picture from Geelizzie's blog.
Joe in front of a brand new gazillion dollar engine that he got to take on it's maiden trip!

Happy Birthday Joseph!
Now send me an email and call your Mom!

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Meghan said...

Hahahaaa. I love the last strikethrough comment. lol