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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 7 ~ Santa Rosalia to Loreto or "Loreto Finds"

Ok, I think you know our usual morning drill now.
Here is our jigsaw puzzle for the day.See how happy our crew ~ oops that is when they are on our boat road trip buddies are?

Down the road through the green jungle to Mulege, where Dave and Kellie showed us the finest store in the Sea of Cortez!
Saul's Tienda!Pepperoni! Salami! Peanuts! Taco Bell Taco Seasoning! Chipotle Tabasco Sauce! Bob's Red Mill Potato Bread Mix for Bread Machines! Beaver Chinese Mustard! And So Much More I Can't Remember!

Then to La Palapa (Deja Vu thing going on here again) for breakfast.
And then (and then! ~ what movie was that from?) to El Burro to visit Geary at his palapa.
Nice view and nice hammock.

Nice visit.

And then! To Loreto.
Where we drove around and around in circles and in circles and in circles trying to find an inexpensive cool place to stay.
Finally after several circles, success!
So on to the post title:
"Loreto Finds"
This was one of them. I have no idea what the name of this place was ~ I only recall seeing a sign that said, "Hotel".
So we will call it that.
Hora Feliz at "Hotel", complete with Boone's Sangria!

And what else do we do when we get there?

Check weather at "Hotel"...
Cool room!

Then to a great hamburger dinner RIGHT next door!

Where Kellie was lucky enough to get to watch Monday Night Football.
This of course, is when and where we left her.
And went to explore nighttime Loreto.
Loreto has some beautiful buildings!

Which brings us to the second mention of the post title (Finds being "Finds" instead of "Find"):
"Loreto Finds"
We stumbled across the celebration of "Dia de Nuestra Senora de Loreto", the day Loreto celebrates it's patron saint!
Good timing for us!
It had booths, a carnival, a mass, cotton candy, food and a fake horse with the longest legs we have ever seen.
And more.

And on to our third mention of the post title:
"Loreto Finds"
We found this cool bar!
Had a nightcap, explored, looked at their decorations and enjoyed the end of the evening.

And then "not a find".
A Loreto "sidewalk hazard"...I guess La Paz does not have a monopoly on bushes planted in the middle of the sidewalk after all...

Meandered back to "Hotel".
Dave went to rescue Kellie from hell Raider's Monday Night Football.
Showers and to sleep!

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judith said...

Great finds... I can't wait to come to Mexico! The towns look so clean and festive. Not like Cuidad Acuna.