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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grito ~ Insanity at it's Finest...

Okee dokee.
Talk about insane.
Insane for many, many, MANY reasons.
We went.
We survived.
We, Nancy, Dave, Kellie, Jim and I had a couple of drinks and snacks on the boat before we headed up to the Governor's Cardboard Mansion which by the way, if I am not invited to join the bigwigs inside the mansion next year, where I assume they have toilets, I'm not going.

Loved the decorations, including the ones the people were wearing.
Loved the teenage girls who posed for us and let us pose with them.Loved the police who let us pose with them, but wouldn't crack a smile.

You know how hard it is to not laugh when you are standing in between two Mexican policemen?

Tough guys...

Loved the size of the beers Dave and Kellie somehow ended up with not really.

Loved the decorations ~ oops, already said that.And really loved the kids!
They were a lot of fun ~ this little girl even let me hold her for a bit.

Wow look at that crowd!
Amazingly enough we somehow found Nancy's boyfriend in this crowd.This is the insane part.
There are no public toilets.
That's right - nowhere to pee.
They sent us to use the toilets in the grocery store.
What about the 100 women in line in front of us?
There are 50,000 people here and no toilets.
Sssoooooooooooooo - I find a side street, go behind a building in a parking lot and feel much better.
Found a mop against a fence on the way out and used that to wipe off my foot.
Then Kellie goes back there.
Then Dave.

Suggestion to La Paz - spend a little less on the decorations on the governor's pad and rent some porta-potties.

Jim got lucky and there were only a few guys in line in front of him when he went to the toilet grocery store.

Next insane part.
Simply the number of people.
Too many and too many to not have toilets.

Then some bigwig started yakking and everyone was yelling, "Viva!".
Us too.
Ya gotta fit in.
Like we fit in there.
I think the locals enjoyed our antics and our playing with their kids.
Here we are doing our antics.Next insane part.
Fireworks right above our heads.
Beautiful but there was fallout landing on our heads.A little too close for full enjoyment when you are checking the top of your head for burning embers.

And the final insane part!
50,000 people all squished together with full bladders trying to go in opposite directions with no crowd control.
We had to hold hands in a line and squeeze through the 50,000 people with full bladders - not us, the 50,000 people, remember we peed behind a building and try not to get trampled.
Seriously ~ Ick.
I had to do a shot of dumb rum when we got back to Nancy's truck!


Suzie said...

Those Mexicans love their fireworks! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Wish we could have been with you!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That sounds like one AWESOME party! And yeah, I'dve found the nearest building corner to pee on too :) Besides, it sounds like everone there was too blotto to notice or care!

Nice firework pics!

judith said...

You must learn the West Texas Rodeo method to keep your feet dry. First face the bumper of the truck, grab the bumper of the truck and hang on as you are leaning back like you are being pulled... do your thing and no splatters on your feet. Of course you'll need a sentry posted so no one drives the truck away while you are in this position.

I've been in a few port-johnnieless situations before...

Margarita Mirasol said...

Looks grito!!

Ray and Lucy said...

Ahh, Mardi Gras Mexican style!! No porta potties doesn't suprise me. They should have suggestion box! But it shouldn't have been a problem for a gal who hung her butt off a dinghy at the Christmas Lights Parade in Ventura Isles! Ahh, the past comes back to haunt you. Hee Hee