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If you found this blog via a link from a cruising site ~ we did cruise Mexico on our Ocean 49 cat for a season. See the first text box on the right for links to our preparations, trip down Baja, life in Mexico, cruising and trip back up to SoCal. Unfortunately we are back to the grind in the USA...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Road Trip Manana

In Mexico "manana" means "just not right now".
It doesn't really mean tomorrow.
To us, however, it does!
So, notice no explanation note after the word "manana" in my post title.
We just drove down Baja 7 weeks ago.
Now we have to do it again, due to some twit lady who failed to do her job correctly.
So I am not overly excited about this.
Especially considering we HAVE TO DRIVE UP AND BACK!Yeah, I know it only looks like about 6", but in real life it's more like 1000 miles.
Each. Way.
But the good part is we have arranged to pick up Dave and Kellie of "Sweet Lorraine" in San Diego, so we have BUDDIES for the trip down!
Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for NO tropical weather in the Eastern Pacific, so we can play on our way down and not do a peddle to the metal kind of trip.
Sorry Caribbean ~ we know you guys are getting hammered right now, but we don't want any on our side.So tomorrow is get up early, pack truck, drive, drive, drive and end up somewhere half way up Baja.


Jorie said...

Big hugs to Dave and Kellie.
Are they living in SD now?
Have a safe Journey.
and I know you'll have lots of fun.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Nooooooo.... their boat is here in La Paz near our's. They have been cruising Mexico for almost 2 years. They were in SoCal for some medical stuff and instead of flying back, they will ride back with us :) :) :) :) so the four of us can have a mini-vacation.

judith said...

Jolea is coming to the west coast... let's do a little experiment. I know while she was home we had some weather with hurricane force winds and rain. We'll hope she doesn't bring any bad weather with her.