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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunsets and Dogs in Bars

Just a couple of things I love about Mexico!
We don't want to get into all the things I hate about it...
At least not today...
The waiting.
The trash.
Oops ~ said I wouldn't do that today!

Sunsets from one of our favorite bars, Salsipuedes!It is one of our favorite bars, because the owners are one of the nicest, most wonderful group of people we have ever met!

I love that dogs can be in bars here.Even ones with glow in the dark eyes...
They have banned smoking from bars and restaurants here now, but they still allow dogs inside.


Ray and Lucy said...

Oh my what's becoming of Mexico...no smoking in bars? Hell, that's why a number of Gringos go to Mexico! There are going a lot of hack off bar flies! Mexicans have their priorities straight...no to smoking, yes to dogs!

Oh that conversation about likes and dislikes of living in Mexico is best left to a time when we can get together over many bottles of wine. It'll be a long night, but it will be cathartic.

Love the scarf on bright eyes.

Margarita Mirasol said...

He he he he. Liked your Keeper addition. I've just commented on her last post. I'm trying to be devil's advocado in nicest possible way because all this evil blogging is helping the time pass more quickly.
Tee hee hee.

judith said...

I don't have anything against a dog in a bar, or even a cat... rarrr.. but sometimes a good cigar will smell a hell of a lot better than some dogs. Can't stand stinky dogs.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

"Eyes that glow in the dark" (that is what I named him) is a puppy - smelled like puppy but without the puppy breath.
Love those comments Overboard - ha ha! I thought up a few, but mine wouldn't be as nice as your's...
Things like "Get away from the computer and do your stinking laundry!"
"That's what you get for having sex!"
"Sell them if you can't deal with them."
"Oh yea - just what the world needs - drunk mothers!"
Stupid comments like taht.
I looked at one commenter's blog and she had 8 kids! 8!
Blah blah blah.

Margarita Mirasol said...

He he he. Go and check out my latest comment at Insane. Evil roar.

Margarita Mirasol said...

lol@drunk mothers

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Maria - your followers aren't as sickly sweet as insane's cause we are a bunch of boaters!!!!! Not church going breeders who have crunchy noodles behind their refers. And only cause we can't get behind our refers! Ha ha ha! They are sickening aren't they?

I can see our new hobby... leaving snarky and sarcastic comments on dork blogs. What fun!