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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Welcome to Mexico!" Now Hurry Up and Wait.

To quote Kellie and just about every other non-Mexican in Mexico, "Manana does not mean tomorrow, it just means not now".
"We will have it ready for you manana" does not mean we will have it ready for you tomorrow.
For that matter, "We will have it ready for you tomorrow" does not mean we will have it ready for you tomorrow.
"We will have ready next Wednesday" does not mean we will have it ready next Wednesday, it means we may have it ready some Wednesday six weeks from now.
Or maybe that Friday.
Or not.
Or never.

They tell you yes when they mean no.
"Can you fix this?"
"Yes no, I don't even know what that is, but give it to me anyway and I will hold on to it for six weeks and keep putting you off, by telling you manana, manana, next Wednesday or maybe Friday and I need a deposit up front."

We call these people.
We wait for these people to call us.
We wait for them to show up.
We wait for next Wednesday.
Then Friday.
Then we wait some more.Uh ~ I don't think by waiting for our air conditioner motor to be re-built for four weeks will make it more exciting when we finally get it.
It will mean it is winter and we no longer need the air conditioner.


Ray and Lucy said...

Oh my, such fond remembrances of living in Mexico. I had almost forgotten, then again no I didn’t. Think they can convert that air conditioner to a heater? Silly me, you don’t need a heater in LaPaz…how soon one forgets.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

And it's not just the motor re-building guy.
It's also waiting for the computer guy.
The canvas guy (just for the dinghy cover - I did the sunshades - you want to come make a dinghy cover Lucy? You'd probably get here before the canvas guy does).
The immigration guy.
The bottom cleaner.
The water truck.
The, the, the, the, the...

Ray and Lucy said...

Ray suggests that you throw that dinghy in your car, drive it to San Antonio, we'll make the cover, have some drinks, have a good time, wait for Kirby and Suzie to get here for the party, drive it back to LaPaz and he guarantees that your canvas guy will still not have that cover ready!! Oh I forgot, we sold our machine, we can't fit it in a motorhome, hell we can fit anything in a motorhome. We keep looking for one that will fit the two dogs and us…it’s not easy..

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

But just think on the bright side: By the time spring rolls around you should have a newly rebuilt aircon just in time for the upcoming summer!