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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Road Trip Day 1 ~ La Paz to Guerrero Negro or "Wow Is It Green"

Gee, it's been so long and we have driven for so many days, what day did we leave La Paz anyway?
Oh yeah, a week ago Tuesday.
Up, fuel, pesos and hit the highway.
Oh yeah, I packed the car while "someone" tried to wake up.
I was dripping sweat at 6:30 in the morning.
Get me outta here!
And now to the post title:
"Wow Is It Green"

With the rains we have had it is GREEN, GREEN, GREEN.

We must have said, "Wow, is it green" about 357 times that day.

Maybe even 358 times.

Remember, this is a desert.

We did the "back and forth across Baja" thing that we know so well.
Along the Sea of Cortez.
Along Bahia Concepcion.
To Saul's La Palapa South of Mulege for a great lunch.

And then ICK up the Cuesta del Infierno.
But, hey what is this?
A Federal Police escort up the hill to slow the truckers down?
I'll take it!
So we followed this guy up the hill, where the other Federale had the down traffic under control.This was a good thing.
For once I didn't have to have a death grip on the car door.
Or take a valium.

Interesting things along this road...
An overloaded truck towing another truck.
Hmmmm ~ you think the guy driving can see at all what is behind him?Since he couldn't see us, we passed him.

Then in to the lovely desolate town of Guerrero Negro.
Where we decided to STAY at The Malarrimo, instead of just eating there.
Great place!
So right up our alley!
This is the alley and our room.Cool whale headboards!
And some cool vino too.

Guerrero Negro is the town near Scammon's Lagoon, so whales are a big deal here.
Besides the salt drying flats, whale watching is the town's other income.

A delicious fish dinner in the restaurant at Malarrimo, where Saul the waiter now recognizes us...
That is kind of scary... I guess we have been up and down this 919 mile road a lot lately.
To bed with our whales watching over us.


judith said...

Looked like fun... The landscape reminds me of my birthplace back in West Texas. It's amazing what a little water can do in the desert.

Overboard said...

Love those headboards and yeah, the desert can be so green in the summer,what with all the rain.
Can't believe I lived there last year. I sooo took it for granted!

Jolea said...

Wow!!! That looks like the most fun road trip ever!!! Next time yall drive down to Cabo and pick me up when I'm in town! :)