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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Normal Post ~ A Nice Lovely Evening in La Paz

It's better than nice.
It's lovely.
Lovely full harvest moon rising.Lovely sunset.Lovely coromuel breeze at night and in the morning, which means lovely cooler temperatures.
Which is a really good thing, because both of our air conditioners croaked...

Tomorrow night and Tuesday Mexico celebrates it's independence day.
We have plans to crash the party find the festivities.
Big party tomorrow night by the Governor's cardboard shack Mansion complete with firewords.
And a parade the next morning.
We will see just how many people make it to The Malecon for the 8 am parade after partying all night up town...


Margarita Mirasol said...

Lovely pics.

judith said...

I hope you are taking pictures of the Governor's cardboard mansion.

That moon was something else here too. It was so bright!

Anonymous said...

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