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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tropical Storm Depression Lowell

We watched Lowell for a few days, but certainly not as long as we watched (and still are watching) Ike in the Caribbean.
We had rain most of the day yesterday ~ sometimes it poured!

It / he turned from a "Tropical Storm" to a "Tropical Depression" when it was South West of us ~ yipee!
It / he ended up crossing Baja South of us ~ yipee!It / he did make for some interesting yellow clouds and some very dark gray clouds.

We ended up getting a few inches of rain.
Wind this morning around 5 am, but only 20-25 knots.
Another "no big deal" tropical system.
Just the way we like them!


Ray and Lucy said...

Thank goodness Lowell was a non-event, so to speak. We are waiting for the effects of Ike. We should get from Ike about the same as you got from Lowell. Yea! Mac and Consuelo are in Beaumont and decided to stay and ride it out. One good thing is that they have a generator. I hope trees don't fall on them again. They had a few fall on their house in H. Rita (about a week after Katrina). They live on a golf course in a heavily wooded area.

I really like your blog. I have adopted some of your ideas (hope you don't mind). I love the cluster map and the tracking of how people got to you. Love to both of you. We miss you two alot.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

This is a pretty crazy hurricane season for the Caribbean. What is amazing is that some people who aren't in the area or not on a boat have no idea about them... or where they are. Or where Baja is in relationship to the ones in the Caribbean.
We'll keep taking the non-event ones instead of the 3's and 4's you guys are getting...
Be safe - borrow anything you want from my blog. How do you think I got these ideas in the first place? Other people's blogs!!!
Miss you & love you too! Smash the dog's faces for us.

judith said...

I think we had quiet a few inches of rain out of the last two storms that hit Baja. They just roll right across Mexico and into Texas. We'll take the rain, we don't care. But we're still a little squishy from that last one and with Ike heading this way we will probably have some bad flooding even up here north of Dallas.

Lucy, smash a dogs face for me too, what ever that entails...

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Smashing the dog's face entails rubbing your hand all over the schipperkee's face kind of smashing it. And you say dumb things like "I'm gonna smash your face. You want your face smashed? Smashys!"
Their dog, Fritz (rest in peace little nephew of our's) liked this for some reason... Now they have two new schipperkees who I am SURE has had Ray do this to them.
Do the new ones like it Ray? Are they as goofy as Fritz was? Have you shown the dogs pictures of us and told us how special we are??? Huh? Huh?? Huh??