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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cooling Off at Costa Baja

Yea - actually got in the water two days in a row!
Dave and Kellie had dinghied over yesterday morning (when it was really, really calm) to pick up some boat parts they had been waiting for (for months ~ sound familiar?)...
A trip to the grocery store, then the wind really came up!
No way would they be able to dinghy back to Costa Baja with the wind, groceries and boat parts, so we drove them.
Oooohhhh ~ they have a pool!
Went for a nice long dip.
Jim ran into Teresa, who he knew from his days at H&S Yacht Sales!
Love our small world...

Then up to the lap pool for the marina view.
Waved adios to our favorite pool bartender.He does make a good margarita!

You have to laugh at the looong list of marina rules...But then there is no excuse that you didn't know you couldn't sacrifice chickens on the dock sand and varnish on the dock.

Then back to "Sweet Lorraine" to play with their giant plastic beer bottles ~ El Grito souvenirs!


Margarita Mirasol said...

I love your life.

judith said...

Hey those are the same size bottles Jolea and her crew drink from.