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Friday, September 19, 2008

Is it Fall Yet?

Something is different here.
Oh yeah ~ it's only in the high 80's and low to mid 90's and is actually cool enough to pull a sheet over us around midnight or 2 am.
I am not sweating 24 hours a day.
I don't have mold all over my body.
My hair dries after a shower.
We have breeze again.
Could the heat of summer be over?
Could it be fall already?
Well it's probably fooling us, but it fooled me enough yesterday to turn my oven on.
Ha ha ha!
Yes, I even remembered how.
I made cookies!Thanks to Stan for my "customized by Stan" cookie sheets!Notice the cut-off customized side.
Notice the bent-up customized other side.
Boat ovens are much, much smaller than house ovens, so finding pans and cookie sheets to fit is sometimes impossible.
Jim has snickerdoodles.
Jim thanks Stan.


Suzie said...

It's cooling in South Carolina too but I KNOW if will heat up again before it really and truly cools and then I will be crying for warmth and so on and so on......

Enjoy the cookies!

judith said...

I agree, it's cooling down here in Texas quiet nicely but I prefer those days in the 90s... this is great top down in the Miata weather, but this morning I had to use my heater too! :P

Ray and Lucy said...

We expect some cookies in the mail! They look awfully good.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Uh yeah, well they are kinda gone.

Jomamma & Ray and Lucy - you should all get together. You are all in Texas (and I know how small that State is...)
Then you can talk about having to use your heater in your car. What's a heater anyway?

judith said...

A heater is something you turn on when you have the top down and the windows up on the Miata.... and it's winter.

Margarita Mirasol said...

He he he. I remember the days when my hair would never dry, too. And autumn was when it was no longer 90 degrees inside the boat, but 80. Made a huge difference. LOL. Love boat life. Love the fact that you guys live it everyday. Inspires me, it does.