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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another La Paz Sunset

This one lasted over an hour...Jim said he had heard tropical sunsets only lasted a few minutes.
But since we are slightly above the Tropic of Cancer, we get hour long sunsets.

And we enjoyed this one with some dessert wine.

Then dinner of the crockpot teriyaki chicken over rice.

Then books.

Then bed.

We are quite the exciting couple on a Saturday night...


Jolea said...

What a LOVELY evening! I miss sunsets, not like we don't have them in TX but it's hard to see through the houses... In Key West, sunsets area a huge deal! Everyone is always asking,"what are you doing for sunset?" and everyone meets up at a number of different sunset watching bars and beaches. That's the only island I know of that gives a crap about the sunset. The USVI and BVI sure didnt.

OH HAI! i just rambled on your comment page...


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Sunsets are everything to those of the Conch Republic!
We forget and take them for granted here.
Now that we are on the end of the dock I am trying to make them an important part of our day again!
If you are on the water side of Fort Liquordale, you can watch them over the ICW!

Jolea said...

Haha! you are right about that! I farking HATE the ICW. It's useless unless you draw less than 4 feet... But, if I ever had a boat that drew less than 4 feet I would probably love it. I just had a bad exprience that's all... ;(

judith said...

Mmmm, sounds like my kind of evening... I love desert wines, cuz I love desert.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I loved the ICW! We had a blast on it - we took this boat from Micco / Sebastian to Fort Lauderdale where it sat and waited, and waited, and waited for the freighter to bring it to the West Coast. But oh some of those fixed bridges... pretty scary ~ too close to the top of our mast!
But yeah, we only draw 3 feet.

Anonymous said...

About 15 years ago, we took a 26' cabin cruiser down the ICW from the northern end of Chesapeake Bay to Florida and across to the west coast and up to St. Pete.
We had a great time, in spite of having numerous problems with the engine.....which meant staying in some rather neat marinas and meeting a lot of interesting people.
Would I do it again? If I could shed about 20 years, YES!!