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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oops ~ Did a "Wayne" Today

Well that will teach me.
Should have checked.
I checked the prices on about half the stuff at CCC today.
I compared prices on different brands and of course selected the item with the lowest price, but like a complete moron trusting soul, I believed the price listed below the coffee creamer and didn't check the price.

Guess which item was less ~ the coffee creamer or the nun booze.

Using the exhange rate of the last time I pulled money from the ATM (pulled some today, but won't know the exchange rate until it shows up on our bank statement), the stupid coffee creamer was advertised at 44 pesos, approximately $3.50 US.
In looking at the receipt it was 75.10 pesos or $5.97 US.
Now the lovely nun booze was 69.50 pesos or $5.52 US.

So which one should I be using in my morning coffee?


Margarita Mirasol said...

I hate it when that happens.
Last year in Mexico we found some Argentinian beer for like 14 pesos a pop and bought 12 but at the till it turned out they were like 40 pesos each and boy oh boy what a pavlova it was trying to get the money refunded as the chick working at the customers services desk was so not into helping us but I stood my ground and we got the money refunded in the end. Took some time though.
Yep, you've got to really check the prices on the shelves in Mexico.

judith said...

Gotta do what you gotta do... if it means drinking the Nun stuff in the coffee then so be it. They forced your hand. I'll tell Jody that Bailey's is cheaper than cream and see if we can join the new fad.

Heather's supply list:
Starbuck's coffee
Non-dairy creamer
Peanut butter

Jennifer said...

I think the nun booze sounds better anyway!! I went to a lovely store yesterday called Walmart and gee wouldn't you know it the price that was listed where the item was not the actual price!! Of coruse a fit was thrown and the item was sold for the listed price.

Jolea said...

Ahhh... nun booze... the breakfast of champions.

Suzie and Kirby Townsend said...

Why would you ever question which one you should use?? The Nun should always win.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Quit yer snivelin' and just drink the booze!

BTW, do they have vegemite?