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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things That Have Been Turned On: Hot Water Heater, Dodger

Ha ha ha!
Since that special someone turned the switch off, we now have to turn things on.
And uh, put things on.
It's a whopping 78 degrees at the moment and it's 5:30 at night!
Of course we have had Northerly winds since yesterday, so that has cooled it off.
The water heater is now on.
It was turned off since oh gee, May maybe?
All those days where I just wanted cold, cold water and now I am loving the hot, hot water!
And I am slowly putting the dodger and enclosure parts up.The side curtains may just go up tomorrow.
Whoa ~ sure signs winter is here!
Yes, yes WINTER!!!
I don't think I have ever, ever wanted winter to arrive.
Except this year after the summer of hell heat.


Jolea said...

ROGER DODGER! Congrats on the cool weather... :) It's cooling off in the Big D as well. Bout time for me to head south!

Jolea said...

hi, me again, i just found a couple of lovely boatie blogs and i wanted to pass em on to you!!!