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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feliz Thanksgiving to All in The USA!

So what are you all doing today?
My guess is:
Polishing the silver
Putting bread crumbs up a turkey's behind
Cooking 27 different dishes
Setting a giant table
Smashing potatoes
Eating turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and some random green vegetable
Washing a gazillion dishes
Eating another full plate of the above
Watching football
Taking a nap on the couch
Eating pumpkin pie
Watching more football
Eating a turkey sandwich
Passing out throughly disgusted with how much you ate

We on the other hand are doing none of the above.
Well, we will be eating, but not what you are eating.
I had the choice between a giant turkey or steak.
I chose steak which you would understand if you had ever seen my oven.

So this is what we will be having later today.
And a fresh baguette from The Bread Guy.

Note the prices...
Less than $2.25 US for each steak!
Yes, I know half of you got a free turkey for spending $100 in Von's, but you have a real oven.

So back to our day.
But first the lovely evening before the day.Last night was beautiful.

This morning's sunrise was also beautiful.

I went to yoga so I can eat that steak later.
Jim went to work with John on the hamburger stand.
I walked about 2 miles in town.
So yes, we will be able to eat later.
Just not like pigs.

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