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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wildlife ~ The Malecon on a Saturday Night!

Lots of wildlife this week in La Paz.
Carol of "Capricorn Cat" and I walked the Malecon last night and found all kinds of wildlife!
First, a line up of 50 or 60 horn-honking trucks and off-road vehicles behind a police car complete with flashing lights and siren...
Okaaay ~ did they all get pulled over or what?
Nope, getting ready for a short-track off-road race and this must have been the parade!

Then an outdoor movie, including subtitles and popcorn!Unfortunately, the street lights and vehicle lights were so bright, we couldn't tell what movie was being played...
Maybe next time.

Then we watched a group of cute young things pass out flyers for something or other.Carol, who is like Wayne when it comes to talking to anyone, asked them to pose for me.

Then we saw two new trucks parked on the sidewalk with raffle tickets being sold.
This is for a big annual function "Subasta" (which we will be participating in) that includes a bazaar, auction, food, music and more, with proceeds going to a foundation here that provides food, clothing and services for needy children in La Paz.
"Subasta" will take place in Marina de La Paz on November 30th.
We donated three big bags of things we didn't need on the boat and I will be working at the bazaar.
Jim will participate by buying beer.

And then...
Yes, there was more!
Mariachis by the shell music sculptures!With a female singer...

Ok, then what?
Oh yeah, the Sudcaliforniano Artisan Festival with ballet folklorico at the kiosk!I think (and I could have part of this wrong) this includes art, music and dancing from local Southern Baja residents.
There is also a big similar art festival today in a town south of here, San Antonio.

The most entertaining part was when the dancers all picked someone out of the audience this is when I put my head down and pretended I had something in my eye and did the burro dance.

No really, I did do that because I was picked for this dance one time waaay back in our old cruising days.
Anyway, it worked and they did not pick me.
This dance gets everyone in the audience laughing, clapping and taking pictures, because they didn't get stuck doing it their girlfriend, husband, grandma or whoever is dancing.

Apparently there was face painting somewhere too.Something else I didn't mind not being picked for.


Margarita Mirasol said...

I don't know how you deal with your life, I really don't.
So stressful.
So dull.
So full of monotony.
No wonder you keep your knives locked away.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ummmmm, do the parties EVER stop up there? Dang, and I thought I had it good.