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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Final Day of Jim Fest 2008's Road Trip ~ Back to La Paz!

Hmmmmm... I think I could get used to this eating out at fancy restaurants, sleeping in an air conditioned room, watching TV, not having to squeegie down the shower after using it, someone else making the beds and cleaning the floor, drinking real beer and playing dominoes for entertainment.
Ok, time to head back to reality!

Enjoyed another good breakfast at some restaurant with lots of party decorations.As you all should know by now, party decorations are right up my alley.

Drove over to the new marina at San Jose where we docked the boat a few days on our trip down.Lots of new docks and landscaping going in.

Back out of the tropics.Then back along Hwy 1 towards La Paz.
We took a little detour out to La Ribera, where they have big plans for a huge marina and waterway community.
We didn't see much construction yet, but saw lots of signs and taped off areas.
Fun road to speed along though!A quick exploration of Buena Vista and Los Barilles.Oh there are those crowded beaches again!

Then along the truck route (hey, a new road!) to bypass downtown La Paz.
Took Dave and Kellie back to "Sweet Lorraine".
Then back to our boat to re-coup from our Three Day Jim Fest 2008 Road Trip!

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