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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Walk-About Town

The Club Cruceros does a LOT of wonderful things for the locals and local children.
Click on my post title above to be taken to their website.
I will be participating in Subasta this Sunday.
Another fun thing I joined in on was doing a Christmas gift bag for a child who lives in the small town of San Evaristo.
Someone in the club has a list of all the kids in the pueblo, buys gift bags and writes the child's name, gender and age on the bottom.
We each take a bag and fill it with about $100 pesos of gifts.
So, off to the dollar store I went to find things for Viviana, who is 13 years old.
Easy age!
Lipglosses, pens, pencils, notebook, nail polish, purse and M&M's ~ things like that.

On the way I noticed the Hotel Los Arcos is all boarded up, taped up and has these red and black flags hanging on the front.

The Los Arcos Cabanas and restaurant are all boarded up too.
People are sitting outside and someone has opened a hot dog cart in front of the main door.
What is going on?
This hotel has been here forever and always has a LOT of guests.
We have stayed in the Cabanas twice.

We had heard of the Federal Police "arresting" people suspected of kidnapping and holing up in hotels with them.
They will go in to the hotel, kick out all the guests and hold the suspects there and then we don't know what happens...
Something like this just happened in Cabo San Pucas Lucas.
Pretty scary...
I think I will go up and ask at the office and see if they know what the red and black flags mean.
Update: Heard the employees are on strike.

Ok back to my walk-about town...
Hit the dollar store and was successful in filling Viviana's gift bag.
Found The Bread Guy's new bakery and bought a fresh baguette for dinner.
And found a new Men's Store!

I can hear it now, "I'll take one of these. I'll take one of those".

And found Sidewalk Hazard #785,654.
Don't mind the giant shards of broken glass!
No worries!
Step around it and into the street!
The cars will yield to pedestrians!
Eventually someone will clean it up!
It's only razor sharp glass!

We have scattered clouds today, which makes it LOOK like Thankgiving.

But at 82 degrees outside the boat and 86 degrees inside the boat, it does not feel like Thanksgiving.

Now everyone get up off the couch and go for a walk!


judith said...

Those are Simpson Clouds.... just like the ones on The Simpsons.

Hostages in hotels! Scary.

Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll too.

Suzie said...

I ate and then I walked and I am still miserable! Happy Turkey Day!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha - they are Simpsons Clouds! That makes Jim happy - fav TV show and all...
Yeah, well it was just a strike.
We ate, we feel good and now we are having key lime pie.