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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jim Fest 2008 Road Trip Day 2 ~ San Jose del Cabo Day!

What do we always do first thing in the morning?
Even on a birthday?
Check weather!
Here is the birthday boy on his birthday ~ November 5th for future reference ~ in his birthday suit hat making sure we have no tropical weather in the forecast!And probably playing a few games of solitaire too.

Tropical mimosas to start our day ~ with pinapple juice!Then to breakfast at the restaurant in Hotel Posada Terranova.
I had the cholesteral special eggs, hashbrowns and beans ~ yum!Kellie had huevos rancheros.
Jim had eggs stuffed inside tortillas.
And goody two shoes smart Dave had the fruit and yogurt plate, which looked wonderful!Then off for more town exploration.
Found an incredible candy store, loaded with all types of candies and treats!Some possibly tricks, as we had no idea what they were...

Walked the very short path along the estuary.Back into town and along the sidewalks and town square.Found the Yuca Inn, which was a hotel possibility.
Small, kind of funky place with a little pool and a lovely gate!Then found El Encanto, which was not a hotel possibility due to the cost.
Wow ~ was it beautiful!Beautiful rooms, beautiful decor, beautiful pool, beautiful grounds!It even had it's own chapel!
With a beautiful door!

And a statue of Saint Somebody or Other.
So of course Dave had to pose like Saint Somebody or Other.We were getting hot and sticky, so time to go rinse off, give some birthday prizes to Jim and take naps.

There is an explanation to this...
When Jim helped Dave and Kellie bring their boat down two years ago, there was a bottle of Scotch for Jim.
The one on the left.
Jim had the last 1/4 inch of the Scotch from this bottle that had been bouncing around inside "Sweet Lorraine" for two years.Then they gave him a new one.
Gee, do you think it will last two years?
Naps ~ oh I already mentioned that.
Then back to the micro brewery, Baja Brewing Company for beers!
Party hats!
Chickenfoot dominoes and dinner!

And dessert for the birthday boy man!

Then more town walking.
The last time we were here, the fountain's different colored lights were working.
It was beautiful!
Greens, blues, pinks, purples ~ I could have stood there all night.
This time unfortunately, it was just plain old clear water.
But still pretty!

This town is SO, SO different than Cabo San Lucas.
At night it is quiet, calm and peaceful.
The only places that have people are the beautiful courtyard restaurants.
Well behaving people too.
No one is getting drunk, dancing on the tables or hanging from their feet by a marlin.
Oh it's great to get older and be civilized!

An after dinner drink in the courtyard at Tequila's ~ another beautifully decorated place!


judith said...

Beautiful! Wish I was there... This place looks like one of the best kept secrets in the travel journals. Don't let Samantha Brown find out, she's a blab.

Suzie said...

Scorpios Rule! Yea, Jim!

Jolea said...

Loved this post... pineapple mimosas and delicioso frutas. yummmm.