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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weather and Bugs

Oh yahoo ~ the weather has "broke"!
The days are now cooler.
The nights are now tolerable.
We can pull a sheet and / or blanket up over us.
We are no longer sweaty 24 hours a day.
I can cook!
I repeat ~ I CAN COOK!
So yesterday (with the help of the bread machine) I made a light oat wheat bread.
And had some uninvited guests.All those little tiny brown dots?
Little bugs squirming around.
I had put all my flour in my freezer for 48 hours before heading down, but didn't think to put the oats in the freezer.
Tossed these.
Put unopened new box of oats in freezer.
Where they can stay for awhile.
So today, I'm thinking of what I can cook for dinner and it's not even 10 am!
This is the weather we came here for!


Margarita Mirasol said...

80's are dreamy. I remember the first days of 80's.
Great trip pics and stories.
You guys have enough fun to last the average person a dozen lifetimes.
Plus you've met Paul Newman!!!!!

Jolea said...

yay! I love cozy boat weather. congrats on not being sweaty at night anymore, unless you want to be... ;)