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Friday, November 14, 2008

Wildlife ~ Social Butterfly

I was a participater again!
For so many months from hell when it was too hot to do anything in the summer I didn't see other people, meet new people or participate in any of the functions.
But yesterday, Carol of "Capricorn Cat", Ruth of "Victory Cat" (do you see a pattern here?) and I went to the ladies' luncheon.
The traveling litter box.
The three of us, not the luncheon.
I met some new people, saw some I had met briefly during the summer and the best part...
I saw someone that I hadn't seen since the last time we cruised in Mexico ~ back in 1997-2000!
Annie of "Calliope" and she recognized me!
So besides all the other nice people, that was worth going for.

Carol liked this giant leaf and found a purpose for it.As the saying goes, everything should have two purposes on a boat.
We use our lime squeezer also as an ice smasher.
See, then we don't need an ice pick on board!
Oops, off the social butterfly subject.

Gina told me about Mexican Train dominoes across the street at 4 pm.
Better go check my calendar!
So I drug Ruth over to that.
I think Carol was working on her blog...
And we had a great time!
Met Isabelle from "Sunbreak", uh oh what's her name from "Flying Fish" and got to know Alex and Sue from "Maitairoa", who we had met briefly in Los Gatos.

Needless to say I got home after dark...

P.S. All this on top of doing yoga every morning at 8:30.
During the summer, I only had to schedule in the water truck.
Busy, busy, busy...


Ray and Lucy said...

OMG! Annie from Calliope. Heather, please, please tell her hello from us. She is such a fantastic gal. We loved knowing her back then.

Jolea said...

Sound like so much fun!!!! I'm glad it's cooled down enough for socializing! :)

Margarita Mirasol said...

That is such a good idea about the lime squeezer.
I love picking up tips like this!

judith said...

I'm like the Queen of Mexican Train Dominos!!!! I get more lay downs than anyone.... I'm not much on games but I do enjoy Mexican Train. We'll play when I come to Mexico.

judith said...

OMG and you do yoga too!!!! We will be like best friends! I just have to teach you to knit.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ray & Lucy - will do! We are supposed to get together with Ben & Annie shortly. Also Sea Otter Jimmy is La Paz.
Me too Jolea.
And overboard, you can also use it to smash your finger on accident like I did last week. Better than putting an ice pick in my hand though?
Too funny jomamma - I was just tell my friend Lisa on "Blue Aweigh" that I wanted to learn how to knit. She just learned and is up in the NorthWest, so she is going to need to know! I also like chickenfoot dominoes. Hurry up and come visit!

Suzie said...

I feel badly that I didn't know Annie from Calliope but tell her Hi for me anyway :)

We played train last night and I won again! I always have the highest score and everyone is jealous.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Uh Suzie - I thought high points meant you lost the game?