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Monday, November 3, 2008

Jim Fest 2008!

Tomorrow is the official start of:
Jim Fest 2008!

Uh, we didn't really come up with that name.
That all started with Dave's last birthday that was celebrated for a week.
A week of Dave Fest.
So now we are going to have Jim Fest.
He has a BIG birthday on Wednesday, November 5th!
So manana we (Dave, Kellie, Jim and Me) will drive down to San Jose del Cabo...
Good beer for the birthday boy!
Happy Birthday Jim!


Jennifer said...

Happy Early Birthday to my favorite Uncle Jim. There is no way you are turning 50!!!

judith said...

Happy B'day Jimbo... choose your age... and live it up!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim. 50 isn't all that bad. Please have a couple of beers for me at the micro-brewery.
Linda C.

Markitos said...

Happy day Jimitos !!!!
Be carefull partyiing in Cabo there is sooo much more then beer

Ray and Lucy said...

Happy Happy B-Day Jim!! You better not think you are getting old. Hell, if you get old, I get old and I just won't have any of it!! Or we can just age gracefully, yeah right. We love you and wish we could be there with you to celebrate. We will toast you from here!!

Suzie said...

Scorpio's Rule! Happy Birthday from one Scorpio to another! Love you - Suzie and Kirby (who is on the cusp)

Elizabeth said...

yikes! 50! Keith turned 50 earlier this year and so far he's still alive, so there is hope!

Jolea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!!! Here's hoping you drink too much, make a fool of yourself, and fall in between the boat and the dock, then decide your pants are trying to drown you there by eventually clamoring up the dock ladder nekkid as a jay bird. but it's your birthday so everyone lets it slide.... I'm just sayin I've heard of this one person who did that when they were living in Key West... birthdays are for debauchery. CHEERS!

Anonymous said...

Jim, are you deliberately trying to make me feel ancient? Pretty soon all my kids will be over the hill with me....at least we'll be good company for each other!

Have a happy week celebrating!


Margarita Mirasol said...

50 is great!
Take it from me.
Tee hee.
Happy Birthday!

Jorie said...

Happy Birthday Jim!
wish we were there to have a few
Sierra Nevada's!
but instead charlie is sleeping tonight with his ass on solid ground.(frozen and snowey)
he just wanted to tell you...he hasn't washed the house yet (but ask him about mowing the lawn :p
Jorie and Charlie