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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wildlife ~ Bugs

Ok, so the freezing for 48 hours didn't work on the corn meal either.
This time I counted them.
487 billion bugs in that bag...
Tossed it.
So much for that bread recipe...
So trying a different wheat bread recipe.
It's cooling as I type.
Ok, it's cool enough.
Time to eat it.


Jolea said...

i can never wait for the bread to cool. I dig in like a wombat! I love carbs.

judith said...

And dig in she does... she'll eat the middle right out of a loaf before you know it.

I have a jar of tortilla flour that I just know has bugs... I was going to learn to make tortillas but something went wrong and I had sticky goo in my hair and all over the kitchen.

Jolea said...

p.s. this boat "Third Day" is coming to a marina near you.... you may see them!!!


since you are all in a social mood... :)

Margarita Mirasol said...

I love soup bowls made of bread.
Just letting you know.
Life altering info there.

judith said...

I like those bread bowl things too. I have a friend that makes the most wonderful cheesy garlicky dip and she puts it in a bread bowl, but she would save the lid part for me to make a taco full of the cheesy garlicky dip.... yummmmmm!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I looked at tortilla flour today at the store. Not quite sure if I am ready to tackle that...
I looked up Third Day and they are probably pulling into the Bay today. Another cat pulled in - I have been following their blog, so it will fun to finally meet them! (hope they don't think I am a stalker...)
Lots and lots of boats are pulling in here from the Baja Ha Ha - it's great!
Thanks for the life altering info - my life is so much better now! ;)Actually, that gives me an idea... I could try to make those bread bowls and maybe jomamma will get that dip recipe for me and I will be the most popular chick at the next potluck!