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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Great Read!

"Close to the Wind" by Pete Goss

Ok, here is another Southern Ocean single hander ~ raced in the Vendee Globe in 1996 and finished!

And saved the life of another racer on Christmas Day!

Talk about goose bumps and teary eyes as I read how he found and rescued Raphael Dinelli...

And so very far away from anything I would ever want to do or could possibly do.
Too cold.
Too alone.
Too scary.
Too much knowledge, strength and nerve needed.
Too insane.
But what a man!

And the cool part?
Raphael Dinelli is racing in the Vendee Globe 2008!
Click on the post title to be taken to the Vendee website.
Go Raphael!


judith said...

Me too... we'll just sit on the beach and wave at them as they go by. Good luck to Raphael.

Jolea said...

it gave me goosebumps just reading that post! i may have to read that...

Jorie said...

Hi Guys,
Just checking in.
we watched S/V Jorie go
down the road.
She is now in Mobile AL
Where it's warm.
We have snow on the ground.
use to love the stuff...
hugs to you both,
Jorie and Charlie